Kenny the Shark Bye Bye Bully clips

Kenny the Shark Bye Bye Bully clips

Kenny helps Marty deal with a bully problem by showing him a movie about how animals defend themselves. 

Plot SummaryEdit

Out on the town, Kenny asks Kat to warn him about any stray seals. Just as Kat is about to scold him for always thinking about food, a loud rumble comes from a nearby trash can. The source of the rumbling is none other than Marty, who was robbed of his bone and shoved in there by a bully. Kenny offers to help out, and takes everyone back to The House.

Once there, he shows his chums a home movie on animal defenses. 

But the movie takes up so much time that when it ends, the clock reads 1:45, 15 minutes away from the Bully Dog's new bone deadline. Marty freaks out, and Kenny tries to calm his nerves by telling him to resort to the B&P (Begging and Pleading) defence. Kat agrees that it just might work. 

Later, the Bully Dog shows up looking for his bone. He suddenly sees what appears to be Marty standing up to a man-eating shark. This scares him, and he gives up his bone and retreats. Kat peeks out from behind a fence and congratulates everyone on an acting job well done. Marty has no idea how to repay Kenny, but everyone's favorite tiger shark has an idea- with his bone. Roll closing credits. 

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  • Kat's freckles are missing as Kenny rushes towards the trash can that Marty's hiding in. 
  • Said freckles suddenly relocate for a frame or two during Kat's "That's awful!" line. 
  • Kenny's eyebrows partially disappear when he licks his chops in preperation for dealing with the Bully Dog. 
  • Part of Kat's right eyebrow is left unpainted for a few frames during her "short-term solution" line. 
  • All but one of those dastardly freckles are gone again as Marty says "But how long can I run?". 
  • Part of Kenny's dorsal fin is cut off as he informs Marty of the "B&P defense". 



  • This episode was included as a bonus feature on Vol.2- Good Guys Vs Bad Guys
  • This episode was animated by Riley Animation Studios, which explains all the errors. 

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