Dan is a minor antagonist.

Appearance Edit

Dan is a large grey hammerhead shark, as one might figure from his name. 


Dan appears friendly at first glance. But just beneath his soft exterior lies all sorts of sneaky plotting. 



Dan first appeared in Who Framed Kenny The Shark?. He showed up at the tail end of the episode, arguing with some of his shark friends over who would get what part of the "seal". 

He appeared again sometime later, but exactly when is unknown. 

What is known is that he was seen one last time in "Seasick". He mistook Kat for a seal, and tried to attack, but wound up hitting his flipper on her surfboard. Or so everyone believed. In truth, Dan was trying to get Kenny to go back to the ocean, and take his rightful place as king of the Cassidy household.


  • He refers to dogs as "land seals", and also treats them like seals, as seen in "Seasick" when he tried to kill Marty.