Kenny's Son (let's call him Keith) is a shark pup given to Kenny to educate in the ways of the tiger shark. 


He is basiclly a smaller version of Kenny, but in a much lighter gray. 


Keith, like many cartoon babies, is wide-eyed and curious, eager to explore the world around him. He is also obsessed with television. 


Keith appeared only in "Kenny The Dad". He was placed on the front doorstep by an anonymous shark-lover to be raised by the Cassidys. Kenny was in charge of his education, but was so used to human life that he taught Keith how to use a TV remote and took him out to a (licenced) sushi bar instead of showing him how to maul seals. This became obvious when Keith was first released into the ocean- instead of chasing seals, the seals chased him! His education was promptly resumed, and this time nothing went wrong during release. Out in the ocean, Keith found an old TV in a shipwreck, and cuddled up with a seal to catch up on his favorite shows. He presumably lived happily ever after. 


  • Keith possibly inherited from his father's personality traits.