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Kenny The Shark

Kenny the Shark is an animated television series produced by Discovery Kids. The show aired from November 1, 2003 until February 19, 2006, with three seasons and more than 52 episodes having been shown. The show is no longer in production (although it may eventually continue to be produced), but reruns can still be seen at various times on Discovery Kids.

It is about an anthropomorphic tiger shark named Kenny that decides to move out of the ocean. He was the protagonist and main character in the series.

This was not Kenny's first appearance, however. In the late-1990s, a series of mini-shows were shown between shows. Kenny was not seen, as the camera was from his point of view. A contest was held to guess what kind of shark Kenny was with the result being a tiger shark.

Kenny the Shark first appeared as an Internet feature on in 1996-97. The original character was created by Jack Huber.