Appearence and PersonalityEdit

The first raccoon is grey with yellow eyes. The other one is brown with regular black eyes.

The twosome are very tricky and clever, and can weasel their way out of any mess.


The raccoons first appeared in "Trash Talking", when they started rooting through the Cassidys' garbage. Kenny was promptly put on night watchman duty. For several nights in a row, the raccoons foiled every one of Kenny's attempts to end their rumaging. In the end, however, they were just looking for box tops to mail away for a pair of X-ray glasses.

They next showed up in "Nobody Move", when Kenny made a deal with them: in exchange for a bag of trash, they would scare off potential buyers. It worked.


  • They have American accents on their first apearence, but in "Nobody Move", they have Italian accents. This is probably to parody the Mafia when Kenny asks them to sabatoge Mrs. Pasturnack.

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